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Apple Bloom is a supporting character on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and a character in Something Sweet to Bite. She is one the ponies indirectly responsible for the resurrection of The Candy Mare.


As a pony, Apple Bloom was a light yellow filly with orange eyes and red hair. She also wore a pink bow in her hair.

As a candy ghoul she took on a more melty appearance and was covered in caramel.


Resurrecting the Candy Mare[]

About a week before Nightmare Night, while helping Pinkie Pie decorate the post office in Ponyville for Nightmare Night, she talks to her friends Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, about how much candy their going to collect on Nightmare Night and how much they'll leave for Nightmare Moon. This prompts the attention of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who berate them for leaving their candy, stating that they didn't leave any last year. This enrages Apple Bloom and her friends she then states that they aren't going to leave any candy either this year and then makes a bet with them on who can make more candy this year. Pinkie then intervenes and try to convince them not to go with this, but Apple Bloom doesn't listen.

Later that day when the group goes to decorate the library, she accidentally knock over a bookshelf, after getting into an argument with Diamond Tiara, gaining the attention of Twilight Sparkle. After Pinkie explained what they were arguing about to Twilight, she then finds out how they aren't gonna leave candy this for Nightmare Moon this year. Twilght then explains that leaving candy for Nightmare Moon is a tradition and that it shouldn't be broken, but then after hearing from Diamond that they didn't leave any candy last year either, she realizes that they're is no consequences to not leaving candy for Nightmare Moon. Pinkie then shows them a book called "Ye Olde Tricks and Treats" a book containing several Nightmare Night stories to which she and Twilight start fighting over causing the book to rip in half and have several pages to fall out, a few of which were taken by Sweetie Belle.

While outside, Apple Bloom complains about how Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon always has to turn everything into a competation, but Scootaloo tells her that they can beat her. Sweetie Belle then approaches the two, stating that the two have cheated in past compitions so she has an idea to win this time. She shows them the pages she took from the library and reveals they're recipes for Nightmare Night treats and candy, she explains they're can win the bet by making their own candy.

Apple Bloom is doubtful at first since none of them are good cooks, but Sweetie states they can get their sisters to help them, convincing Apple Bloom.


On the night before Nightmare Night, Apple Bloom was helping her sister Applejack make caramel apples in the barn, when she was attaked by the Candy Mare who killed her, by dropping her in a vat of boiling caramel. After her body was found and pulled out by Applejack she was quickly killed too.

The Ponyville Massacre[]

In the morning, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo go over to the barn to tell Apple Bloom the bad news about not being able to trick or treat, only find her decapitated head being used as a puppet by the CandyMare, who immitates her voice to lure them over, before throwing towards them, scaring them away.

Ressuraction and Transformation[]

Later she was resurrected as a candy ghoul and joined the Candy Mare as they invaded Canterlot and kidnapped Princess Luna.