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Applejack is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Frendship is Magic and a minor character in Something Sweet to Bite. Where she became one of the first victims of the CandyMare, along with Apple Bloom.


As a pony, Applejack is a light-orange earth pony, with blonde hair and green eyes. She had three freckles on each cheek and her cutie mark were three apples. She also wore a brown stetson and had her mane and tail tied with red bands.

As a ghoul, Applejack took on a more melty appearance, with her coat being made entirely of caramel and her eyes solid green.


Night before Nightmare Night[]

On the night before Nightmare Night, Applejack was working on Caramel Apples for Nightmare Night. Using a giant cauldron full of boiling hot caramel to dip apples in, she quickly noticed Apple Bloom was missing. After not getting a response from calling for her sister, she started walking around the barn to look for her, only for the fires under the cauldron to suddenly burst open. She quickly ran back and dragged the cauldron off the fire, afterwards she looked back in the barn to see all of her caramel apples had been eaten. Thinking that Apple Bloom and her friends had did it, she called for Apple Bloom again, only to instead hear the Candy Mare's giggling coming from the cauldron. She took a peak inside the cauldron, to find Apple Bloom's, caramel-covered body. Screaming, she quickly pulled her sister out of the pot and tried to clean her wounds. After failing to save Apple Bloom's life, she then heard Candy Mare giggle again. Believing it to belong to her sister's killer, she runs out the barn to try and find who ever's making it.


While outside looking, she was tripped over by the Candy Mare, knocking her into the fire, setting her fire, which cause her to fall back into the cauldron of caramel. As she attempted to climb out, the Candy Mare stood right outside, saying her famous catchphrase, before lunging forward and biting half of Applejack's face off (including one of her eyes). Applejack managed to get out of the cauldron and into the barn, where she pressed her body against the door to barricade it. This proved to be futile, as the Candy Mare simply destroyed the barn door, sending several fragments of wood in Applejack's body, cutting her back open, before proceeding to stab multiple things through, Applejack's back, finally killing her.

Ressuraction and Transformation[]

Later she was resurrected as a candy ghoul and joined the Candy Mare as they invaded Canterlot and kidnapped Princess Luna.