Pinkie Pie is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and a recurring character in the Something Sweet to Bite saga, as well as the deuteragonist in the first one. She is one the ponies indirectly responisible for the ressurection of The CandyMare and the spread of the Candy Ghoul virus.


As a pony, Pinkie is a bright pink earth pony with dark pink curly hair and light blue eyes. Her cutie mark is a yellow balloon with a blue string above two blue balloons with yellow strings.

As a ghoul, her body took on a more gooey appearance being made out of bubble gum and her hair is now made of cotton candy. Her eyes are now two solid, giant, blue gumballs and her teeth are pink needles of rock candy.


Resurrecting the Candy MareEdit

A week before Nightmare Night, Pinkie established a plan of decorating the whole town for Nightmare Night, utilizing the help of the Ponyville children. However she later overhears a conversation between Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara, about how they weren't going to leave candy for Nightmare Moon. Pinkie then goes over and tries to tell them that they shouldn't hoard all their candy, but they don't listen.

Later, she takes the group to Golden Oaks Library. There she runs into Twilight who is angry about them trashing her library, but Pinkie states that Mayor Mare wanted her to decorate the town this year and Pinkie explains she wants all the buildings to be decorated, to which Twilight allows reluctantly, as long as Pinkie promises to be careful. After a bookshelf gets knocked over due to an argument between Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. Twilight asks Pinkie what they're talking about and Pinkie explains to her about the bet the two made. After Diamond convinces Twilight that there are no consequences to not leaving candy for Nightmare Moon, Pinkie tries to change Twilight's mind stating that there is a reason for why they have these traditions, stating they're there to protect them and then shows Twilight an old, tattered book called "Ye Olde Tricks and Treats". Twilight, taking note of the poor condition it's tells Pinkie to put it back, but Pinkie persists that Twilight reads it so she can understand Nightmare Night more. The two end up fighting over the book, eventually tearing it in half and causing several of the pages to fall out. She and Twilight manage to collect all the pages of the book, except for a couple of pages containing recipes for candy which was stolen by Sweetie Belle.


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