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Princess Luna is a secondary character in My Little Pony: Frendship is Magic and a recurring character in the Something Sweet to Bite series. She has a long history with the The Candy Mare and her past.


Princess Luna is a blue alicorn, with light blue hair and aquamarine eyes. Her cutie mark consists of a blue moon in a dark blue background. She also wears a dark blue crown, light blue shoes and a chest plate with her cutie mark on it.


The First Nightmare Night[]

On one night a year, a holidy known as Nightmare Night, the ponies were attacked by a sinister being known as The Candy Mare, a being who kidnaps and eats foals. Until one night Princess Luna with the help of her sister, Princess Celestia managed to track down the creature and purify it using moonlight to render her as nothing but candy.

Since then a new tradition for Nightmare Night was made, where the ponies would give treats to Princess Luna to honor her for stopping the Candy Mare.


Years later, on one Nightmare Night, there was a loud knock at her palace door, everyone else was already passed out from a Nightmare Night Ball, so Luna and her night guard were the only ones up.

She went to the front door and opened it, only to find the Candy Mare standing ontop of a pile of corpse of her killed night guards and an army of candy ghouls behind her.

Luna was then captured and used as a puppet for the Candy Mare to enter dreams.