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Rarity is one of the main characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and a minor character in Something Sweet to Bite. Where she becames one of the first victims of the Candy Ghoul virus.


As a pony, Rarity is a white unicorn, with blue eyes, long eyelashes and a dark blue mane and tail, both fashionably styled. He cuties mark cosists of three light blue diamonds.

As a ghoul, Her body was made entirely of marshmellow, causing it to take on a more puffy appearance, along with her eyes becoming solid blue, she also wore a black. spider silk chiffon wrap on her back as cape and a black spider ornament clipped in her mane. After entering Twilight's library, part of skin exposed to the light started to burn it giving her several darkened spots, as well as making her a little melty.


The Bet[]

In the week leading to Nightmare Night, she helped Sweetie create candy for Nightmare Night, not knowing it was to help her win a bet she and her friends made with Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, but due to being very busy with designing and selling dresses and costumes for Nightmare Night, she couldn't help much, as she also insisted that each candy was made fresh. She was angry when she later found out that now only was the candy being made to cheat at a bet, but was also being made from recipes that were created by pony who kidnapped and killed foals.

Death and Transformation[]

On Nightmare Night, when answering the door to her boutique to trick or treaters, after spending time putting on her costume, consisting of a black spider silk chiffon wrap, wore on her back as a cape and with a black spider ornament clipped in mane, she saw that whoever knocked on her door, had decided to leave. This upset Rarity as she had a whole bowl of marshmallow bat treats she wanted to give out, suddenly she notice a small piece of wrapped candy lying beneath her. Deciding to not let it go to waste, she decided to take it and head back inside, not knowing it was tainted by the Candy Mare.

At some point, she apparently ate the candy and later transformed into a marshmallow candy ghoul. Later, when Spike visited her boutique she attacked him, ripping off his face in the process. Spike managed to escape and run back to to Twilight's library, where he reveals himself to Twilight and Pinkie who were in the main entrance. He only has time to state that there's something wrong with Rarity before passing out from blood loss in the doorway of the library. Rarity suddenly appears behind him still chewing on his flesh, having apparently followed him. After slurping down the bits of dragon flesh, Twilight starts shouting at Rarity to stop gaining her attention. Rarity then turns and enters the library, but as she enters her marshmallow skins starts to burn from the light of the library, painfully she sulks back outside moaning. The lights in the room suddenly shut off, allowing Rarity to enter and chase after Twilight, as who Pinkie who just seconds ago also transformed to chase after her as well. The manage to corner Twilight in her room, who started transforming as well, decided to instead let the monsters eat her to avoid becoming like them, only to transform anyway before they could finish her off.

Rarity then proceeds to join the Candy Mare's army, as they invade Canterlot and kidnap Princess Luna.