Scootaloo is a secondary character in My Little Pony: Frendship is Magic, as well as one of the main characters in [[Something Sweet to Bite]]. She is one of the ponies indirectly responisible for the ressurection of The Candy Mare, the main antagonist of the series.


As a pony, Scootalo is an orange pegasus filly, with short, magenta hair and pale, purple eyes.

As a candy ghoul, her body took on a more melty appearance with large gumdrop eyes and is fused to Sweetie Belle.


About a week before Nightmare Night, while helping Pinkie Pie decorate the post office in Ponyville for Nightmare Night, she talks to her friends Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, about how much candy their going to collect on Nightmare Night and how much they'll leave for Nightmare Moon. This prompts the attention of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who berate them for leaving their candy, stating that they didn't leave any last year. This enrages her and Apple Bloom then states that they aren't going to leave any this year either, Apple Bloom then makes a bet with them on who can make more candy this year.

Later that day when the group goes to decorate the library, she accidentally knock over a bookshelf, after getting into an argument with Diamond Tiara, gaining the attention of Twilight Sparkle. After Pinkie explained what they were arguing about to Twilight, she then finds out how they aren't gonna leave candy this for Nightmare Moon this year. Twilght then explains that leaving candy for Nightmare Moon is a tradition and that it shouldn't be broken, but then after hearing from Diamond that they didn't leave any candy last year either, she realizes that they're is no consequences to not leaving candy for Nightmare Moon. Pinkie then shows them a book called "Ye Olde Tricks and Treats" a book containing several Nightmare Night stories to which she and Twilight start fighting over causing the book to rip in half and have several pages to fall out. Which were stolen by Sweetie Belle.

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