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Something Sweet to Bite, is the first story in Something Sweet to Bite saga, written by Knackerman. It was published on October 2nd, 2012. On October 3rd, 2014, a reading of the story was posted on YouTube, by Emogakva.


On the night before Nightmare Night, Applejack was busy, making caramel apples with her sister. While searching around the farm, Applejack comes across her sister who had been murdered, before she is also attacked and killed by some monster, with the voice of a child.

In a flashback, Taking place years ago, An earth pony filly who's curious about unicorns, so her father decides to take her into to town show her the unicorn he works for, who owns a candy shop.

A week before Nightmare Night, all of Ponyville's children were busy helping Pinkie Pie, decorating Ponyville. Among them were Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who got into an argument with Apple Bloom and her two friends, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, about the Nightmare Night tradition of leaving candy for Nightmare Moon. After finding out that Diamond and Silver never left any candy for Luna last year, they end up making a bet on who can get more candy on Nightmare Night. Pinkie Pie tries to get the five to cancel their bet saying how important it is to leave candy for Princess Luna and later, while decorating Golden Oaks Library, shows them an old book, called "Ye Olde Tricks n Treats", that contain several Nigtmare Night stories and several recipes for different types of candy treats. However the book is torn in half, due to Pinkie  and Twilight fighting over it, causing several pages containing candy recipes to fall out. Thinking that Diamond and Silver are going to cheat, Sweetie Belle steals the recipes and convince the rest of her friends to make their own candy so they can win the bet

In a another flashback, it shows the father again, this time showing his daughter the town, and the store he delivers to, the owner, who took over the shop after his grandmother passed away, proceeds to feed the filly sweets, which are revealed to have been drugged and knocking her out, before the shop owner proceeds to kill the filly's father with several knives. 

On the night of Nightmare Night, Fluttershy is shown hiding inside her home. When she starts hearing knocking at her door, she goes to investigate, only to find no one at the door. Suddenly she heard her bunny, Angel let out a scream, as she tried to comfort him, Angel jumped up and bit her hard, before running upstairs. She started hearing a knock again, but this time when she answered she saw a bunch of lit pumpkins in her front yard, followed soon by the sound of a child laughing. This scared Fluttershy enough to try and escape her home, she ran upstairs into her room, only to find Angel Bunny being eaten by a bunch of bizarre looking ponies, with glowing eyes and razor sharp teeth. One of the ponies tries to attack Fluttershy but she bites it on the nose and flies out her window. She quickly flies to Ponyville to try and find Twilight, only to find the entire town in chaos, as houses were burning and ponies were being attacked by the same monstrous ponies. She quickly comes across Golden Oaks Library where she desperately knocks on the door to try and get Twilight's attention. After that she quickly flees to the Everfree Forest. Once finally settled down she quickly realized the piece of skin from the pony she bit tasted like candy.   

In a another flashback, it reveals the filly has been kidnapped by candy maker and he was forcing her to taste test all the new types of treats. Eventually the filly asks for something else besides candy. The candy maker gives her what appears to be meat, which was then revealed to be a piece of her father's flesh.

On the day before Nightmare Night, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo are in the kitchen of Sugarcube Corner making candy from the recipes found in the book, along with the help of Pinkie Pie (who was oblivious to what they were doing). Eventually Twilight comes and pursued by Pinkie, decides to help the crusaders with making candy after hearing about what they were doing in the kitchen. When Twilight enters she finds out that they are making candy for the bet using pages from the book. Upon realizing what pages they used both Pinkie and Twilight began frantically gathering up all the treats out of fear of something called "The Candy Mare". Scootaloo then asks who that is and Twilight tells the story of the Candy Mare.

In the story a filly who lived with a poor but loving family was taken away from her family by a candy maker named Lemon Drop, who can't taste anything sweet so he started kidnapping children and killing their parents and use them as taste testers for his confections. The filly in question that he kidnapped however somehow managed to avoid death.

In another flashback, the candy maker noticed that the filly didn't die after feeding her candy laced with magic that actually made her want to eat nonstop. The filly ends up breaking out and attacks and kills the candy maker.

After the flashback Twilight continued her story, Lemon Drop was never found and after that several other unicorns had gone missing, it wouldn't be until a day later their remains were discovered. They believed a monster that lurks in the night is attacking and eating ponies. They then created this anniversary for the missing ponies into Nightmare Night, where parents would dress up their kids as monsters to hide them and leave out treats for the monster to take. Eventually the Candy Mare was stopped and banished completely by Princess Luna, who became the hero of Nightmare Night and that's why she's given treats every year to honor her.

Twilight explains the recipes were made by Lemon Drop and are forbidden. So Twilight decides to leave the candy at the statue of Nightmare Moon in the Everfree Forest.

In the middle of the night, the group makes their way through the Everfree Forest, before finally coming across the statue, they leave the candy near the statue and leave just as a storm was forming. Suddenly the candy in the bags started shifting as laughter started emerging from the bag. The statue is then hit and destroyed by a bolt of lightning, as a mysterious figure rises from the crater.

The next day, Nightmare Night, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle race over to Sweet Apple Acres to tell Apple Bloom the bad news, about not being able to go trick or treating. But when they get there they find the place deserted. They go over to the barn and hear what sounds like the voice of Apple Bloom. Apple Bloom then sticks her head out revealing her to be only a head controlled by someone else, with her eyes missing. It then shot out towards the other two, causing them to flee in terror and to find Twilight.

Later that night, Twilight Sparkle, along with Pinkie were busy getting ready for Nightmare Night, when Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle quickly show up and told her about what they saw. Twilight then decides in order to warn everyone they should convince an authority of what's happened, so they go off to find Mayor Mare.

Meanwhile, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were getting ready to go trick or treating, but after just arriving at Carousel Boutique, they are confronted by a mysterious mare who's entire body seems to be made out of candy, reveals herself as The Candy Mare. The Candy Mare then proceeds to kill and eat both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon and runs off. Afterwards, Rarity finally answers the door only to find no one except a lone piece of candy, which she decides to take.

Twilight and her friends finally locate Mayor Mare who was at a costume party in time square, they attempt to tell Mayor Mare about Candy Mare, but no one believes them. Just as everyone decided to go back to partying, suddenly all the lights and music shut off and large fog covers the area. Candy Mare finally makes her appearance and begins a massacre, killing several ponies. Twilight along with several other unicorns, manage to quickly grab a hold of her and rip her into pieces with their magic. After however the Candy Mare's remains start moving, as if trying to reform themselves back into Candy Mare, in order to prevent her from coming back, everyone decides to eat the candy ensuring she doesn't come back.

Afterwards, after sending Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to bed, Twilight and Pinkie finally settle down. Only for Spike to come in missing pieces of his flesh and collapse onto the floor, Rarity came in, her body now made of marshmallow, she reveals she was the one who attacked Spike. After that Pinkie suddenly starts feeling weird before falling over dying, only for her body to pop open and reveal a new monsterous form of her to be made out of candy. In a panic Twilight quickly rushes upstair to find Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, only to find that both of them have also transformed into candy ghouls. As the monsters begin to surrond her, Twilight begins to transform as well, before becoming a candy ghoul, just as they were about to get her.

In Canterlot, Princess Luna was woken up by a knock at the door, she goes to answer only to find, an army of candy ghouls, a pile of dead bodies and the Candy Mare, now fully assembled again, standing on top of the pile of corpses staring down at Luna.



  • Pumpkin Patch's father - Stabbed with several knives.
  • Lemon Drop - Eaten.
  • Apple Bloom - Dumped in melted caramel and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Applejack - Stabbed in the back with a piece of wood and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Silver Spoon - Lower half bitten off and then crushed. Eaten.
  • Diamond Tiara - Ripped to pieces by tentacles entering her body. Eaten.
  • Rarity - Eats tainted candy and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Pipsqueak - Is sliced open from torso to neck by a tentacle. Eaten.
  • Spike - Several bits of skin ripped off. Eaten.
  • Pinkie Pie - Eats parts of the Candy Mare and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Sweetie Belle - Eats parts of the Candy Mare and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Scootaloo - Eats part of the Candy Mare and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Twilight Sparkle - Eats parts of the Candy Mare and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.
  • Fluttershy - Bites a candy ghouls nose and gets resurrected as a candy ghoul.


  • The inspiration for this story, said by the author himself, was witnessing his skin rot, after contracting MRSA, from a spider bite.
  • Another inspiration for the story, was several old horror movies, including Trick R Treat, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
  • This is the shortest story in the series, with only having six chapters.
  • In chapter 1, Pumpkin Patch's father mentions she has uncle.