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Something Sweet to Bite, is the first story in Something Sweet to Bite saga, written by Knackerman. It was published on October 2nd, 2012. On October 3rd, 2014.


It begins with a first person perspective of Rainbow Dash, where she states ever since her friends disappeared, she's been having nightmares and then proceeds to explain said nightmares, which inolves her finding Ponyville burning and finding horrific, mutaliated versions of her friends who end up attacking her.

Rainbow Dash then suddenly wakes up from her nightmare, completely exhausted. It's revealed that it's been one year after Ponyville burnt down and Rainbow Dash still lives over it despite there being nothing left, this is due to the guilt she feels about not being able to be there to stop it due to partying in Cloudsdale. It's also revealed that she got a letter from Princess Celestia to meet her in Canterlot, someone she also hasn't seen in over a year.

When Rainbow Dash gets to Canterlot, it's revealed that after the attack on it last Nightmare Night, the entire city lives in paranioa, with the streets usually being abandon and royal guards always on patrol. Rainbow Dash then arrives at the palace where she's greeted by several royal guards, including Shining Armor, who leads her in to meet Princess Celestia.

Celestia then explains along side the entire population of Ponyville, several other ponies from Canterlot and and her sister Luna also went missing last Nightmare Night, and over the year more ponies have been going missing. She then explains that with no evidence being found during investigations on the disappearences, she theorizes that they may be dealing a with a supernatural force. Rainbow Dash doesn't believe her, stating that ghosts aren't real, which triggers the introduction of Trixie Lulamoon, who is revealed to have been assigned by Celestia to help with investigation. Trixie explains that through her studies, an ancient ritual was performed to cast a spell over Ponyville that might be what's responsible for the disappearances. Celestia then states she needs Rainbow's help to escort Trixie to the remains of Ponyville to see if they can find rements of the spell and undo it.

They agree to go down there in the early morning, after Rainbow turns down idea to leave tonight. After everyone leaves Celestia then asks Raibow why she didn't want to do it a night. Rainbow then tells Celestia about the nightmares she's been having, to which Celestia then explains that she's been getting the same nightmares as well, she then explains that she thinks the nightmares are being done by Luna as way to try and contact them and that she believes she, as well as the other missing ponies, might still be alive.

During the night, in a field near the Everfree forest, the Flim Flam brothers were sat around a fireplace, when both were attacked by what appeared to be a pegasus. The Pegasus is suddenly attacked and held down by Big Macintosh, who is then approached by Zecora who feeds the creature a potion. This cause the creature to writhe and spit out bloody chunks, as well as transform her back into a regular pegasus, revealing her to be Fluttershy.

The Flim Flam brothers then introduces who they are and say they're looking for Ponyville. Zecora explains that Ponyville is gone and that they should leave as well. she then proceeds to lift the bloody chunks revealing them to be pieces of candy and throw them into the fire, where they explode into blue flames. Big Mac and Zecora then takes Fluttershy, who begins to wake up, before telling the brothers again they should leave, stating there are monsters lurking around out here.

After the three leave, the brothers stay behind and start discussing what they should do, as a silver mist starts emmitting from the forest.


  • Rainbow Dash
  • Fluttershy
  • Zecora
  • Big Macintosh
  • Trixie Lulamoon
  • Princess Celestia
  • Shining Armor