The Candy Mare (Formely known as Pumpkin Patch) is the main antagonist of the Something Sweet to Bite series. She's an undead monster who lurks on Nightmare Night, who wants to destroy and eat everything in sight, and turn everyone into Candy Ghouls. 

Appearance Edit

The Candy Mare's design tends to change, but she's usually depicted with red and black licorice for hair, and a pink colored body with a striped neck. Her ears look like ice cream cone covered in icing, has candy corn for teeth and swirly lollipops for eyes. She's said to have several mouths appearing on her body with long striped tongues. Her face is missing half it's flesh revealing a white skull underneath.

History Edit

Pre-Candy Mare transformation Edit

Years ago, a filly named Pumpkin Patch lived with her mother and father on a farm. Due to the oppression towards her race, they lived in rather low conditions with her father working mostly as deliverer. She always had fasicination with Unicorns, believing they could do anything.


  • According to her father in the first story, she has an uncle.
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