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The Candy Mare (Formerly known as Pumpkin Patch) is the main antagonist of the Something Sweet to Bite series. She's an undead monster who lurks on Nightmare Night, who wants to destroy and eat everything in sight and turn everyone into Candy Ghouls. 


The Candy Mare's design tends to change, but she's usually depicted with red and black licorice for hair, and a pink colored body with a striped neck. Her ears look like ice cream cones covered in icing, has candy corn for teeth and swirly lollipops for eyes. She's said to have several mouths appearing on her body with long striped tongues. Her face is missing half it's flesh revealing a white skull underneath.


Pre-Candy Mare[]

Years ago, a filly named Pumpkin Patch lived with her loving mother and father on a farm. Due to the oppression towards her race, they lived in rather low conditions with her father working mostly as a deliverer. She always had a fascination with Unicorns, believing they could do anything and wanted to visit the castle where they say the unicorns live. When she hears about how his father is delivering to a unicorn who runs a sweet shop, he also explains that the unicorn in question recommended that he bring his daughter next time he comes in.

Her father agrees and brings her out to the city, where the candy shop is located. Pumpkin Patch takes great joy in visiting the city and asks her father why he never took her here before and he explains that the place is dangerous as it's full of magic and that there have been reports of ponies going missing.

They finally come up to the sweet shop, there she meets the owner, Lemon Drop, a unicorn who took over the shop after the original owner, his grandma, passed away. There he introduces her to a variety of several treats, but after the last one she suddenly starts feeling strange before being magically spirited away to an unknown location.

She was then held captive by Lemon Drop and is forced to be a taste tester for his candy and subjecting her to many cruel and vile experiments, all in the pursuit of perfecting his candy. At one point, Pumpkin Patch begs for something else to eat besides candy, to which Lemon Drop uncharacteristically complies, feeding her a bowl of soup made with unknown ingredients. Pumpkin Patch is unsure about the taste but grateful that's it not candy, but while Lemon Drop was writing down his research, he mentions pony flesh, which is caught by Pumpkin Patch who immediately asks what she was fed. Lemon Drop reveals that the soup contains the meat of Pumpkin Patch's father, having killed him just after kidnapping Pumpkin Patch with the use of several knives wielded by his telekinesis. Pumpkin Patch immediately pukes and weeps over the death of her father and having unwittingly consumed his flesh.

The Start of Nightmare Night[]

Through a combination of will power and the preservation spells and alchemy infused into the candy by Lemon Drop's attempts at creating longer lasting treats and confections, Pumpkin patch did not perish from malnourishment as the fillies and colts before her had, lasting far longer than should have been possible, being driven steadily insane by Lemon drop's experiments as the concoction of twisted candified magic within her continued to grow. Soon her revulsion turns into an insatiable hunger for sweets.

On one night, she broke out of her chamber and killed Lemon Drop, tearing his heart from his chest and eating it. With her newfound powers and strength awakened, she razed the unicorn town, devouring everypony, before disappearing into the Everfree Forest. Each year on that same night, she would return and continue to harass various ponies and attack and devour them.

This night would become known as Nightmare Night and she would become a known as "The Candy Mare". On Nightmare Night most ponies would try and leave candy for her so they wouldn't get eaten, as well as try to disguise themselves as monsters.

Despite this she continued her rampage for years come, until one night she was hunted by the Royal Sisters. The younger of which, Luna was able to drive her back using lunar light sending her into a deep sleep and purifying any sweets left to be certain that all candy was safe to eat.

Resurrection and Transformation[]

Years later, through a series of events, a bunch of candy that was made using Lemon Drop's notes were left at the statue she was imprisoned. Around that same time a storm comes up and the statue is hit by a bolt of lightning, destroying it and releasing the Candymare's soul. She then takes possession of the candy and is reborn.

She leaves the Eveferfree Forest and starts exploring her new environment. She eventually comes across Sweet Apple Acres, where she finds Apple Bloom and Applejack making caramel apples. She attacks Apple Bloom and dumps her body in a cauldron of boiling caramel, killing her. The ruckus from this lured Applejack over to the cauldron, so Candy Mare quickly ran and hid in the barn, there she found a bunch of caramel apples which she feasted on.

After Applejack got back to the barn and found all the caramel apples eaten, the Candymare lures her into finding Apple Bloom's body, much to Applejack's horror and she quickly tries to save Apple bloom, dunking her caramelized body in water and trying to perform CPR on her but to no avail. The Candy Mare then starts taunting Applejack causing her to run out in a fit of rage. Candy Mare then trips Applejack into the bon fire that was started for the cauldron, which causes her to fall back into the still hot cauldron. As Applejack attempted to escape, the Candy Mare stood right outside, saying her infamous catchphrase, before lunging forward and biting half of Applejack's face off.

Applejack manages to escape and runs back into the barn barricading herself inside. The Candy Mare however manages to break down the door, which results in Applejack getting horribly mutilated by several wooden fragments. She then attacks Applejack and stabs her to death with various pieces shrapnel.

The following morning, when Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle comes over to the barn, she tricks them by mimicking Apple Bloom's voice and then scares them away by showing them her decapitated head.

Later that night on Nightmare Night, she comes acroos Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon, who were trick or treating at Caursol Botique. When she approaches the two, they proceed to mock and ridicule her, beliving her horrid appeance to be a costume. This doesn't bother her as she transforms her front hooves into claws and grabs Diamond and Silver by their backs. She then proceeds to stretch her maw open and devor Silver Spoon bit by bit. After that, she proceeds to taunt the frightened Diamond, using her voice to repeat what she said earlier, before ripping a hole in her back and sticking her tentacle in through out her body and finally ripping her to pieces. She then proceeds to clean up all the remaining gore, then leaves a piece of candy on Rarity's doorstep for her to find before leaving.

The Ponyville Massacre[]

She then attacked a Nightmare Night party in town square. First shutting off the power and creating fog to get everyone's attention. She then started giggling as she slowly walked out of the fog singing softly the Nighmare Night tune, revealing herself to everyone. She then shot out one of her licorice hair tendrils and snatched a little colt up and sliced him open with her claw, before procedding to feast on his flesh.

This caused the crowd to go into a panic as they started to scatter around the square. Candy Mare then proceedes to go on a killing spree, attacking and eating ponies, until Twilight shouts for her to stop while lighting up her horn. This grabs the attention of Candy Mare causing her to hault her ramparge upon noting Twilight is a unicorn. She then tells Twilight about how she use to be fascinated with unicorns, saying she always wanted to be like them and now she was. She then lunges herself Twilight to kill her, only for her to bring up her magic shield to protect her causing her to get one of her front claws sliced off.

Candy Mare then attempts to flee, only for Twilight along with several other unicorns started zapping and tearing her apart with her magic. As she started falling to pieces, she shouts how this is the second time a unicorn has killed and brings up her past expiernce with Lemon Drop in the past, before finally reminding everyone that Princess Luna couldn't fully get rid of her, before finally collapsing. She then launched her skull over towards Twilight only for Pinkie to intervene and smash her skull into several pieces. She then attempts to reform herself, only for Pinkie to start eating her remains as the others joined suit.

Attack on Canterlot[]

After the citzens of Ponyville turned into an Candy Ghoul zombies from eating her remains, she manages to reform herself and then proceeds to lead an army of the ghouls to Canterlot. There she kills several Lunar guards and form a massive pile of their dead bodies in front of the main entrence to the castle, as she then stands on top of the pile and knocks on the doors. When Luna answers she peers down at her and asks "trick or treat?" before attacking and capturing Luna alive.


  • According to her father in the first story, she has an uncle.