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Twilight Sparkle is the main protagonist on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the main protagonist of Something Sweet to Bite.  She is one the ponies indirectly responsible for the resurrection of The Candy Mare and the spread of the Candy Ghoul virus.  


As a pony, Twilight is lavender colored, unicorn with indigo hair and eyes. Her mane and tail also have a pink and purple stripe going along the side. Her cutie mark is a pink star over a white star with five other smaller, white stars surrounding them.

As a ghoul, her body took on a more shiny appearance, being made out of marbled candy, with her eyes now solid, blackcurrant candies and her teeth being sharp, black spikes.


The Bet[]

About a week before Nightmare Night, Twilight gets angry at Pinkie for trashing her library, but Pinkie explains that she's decorating the town for Nightmare Night under the orders of Mayor Mare and she states she wants to decorate all the buildings in Ponyville, to which Twilight reluctantly allows. She then gets alerted by a bookshelf getting knocked due to an argument by Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. Twilight ask Pinkie ie what's how they were going to make a bet on who can get more candy. Twilight then tries to explain how leaving candy for Nightmare Moon is a tradition and that it's no bet is worth breaking it. Diamond Tiara ask her if she left any candy last year, to which Twilight replies no. Twilight then realizes that you don't have to leave candy, because she doesn't see any reason not to. Trying to change her mind, Pinkie then shows Twilight a damaged book called "Ye Olde Tricks and Treats". Twilight then asks Pinkie to put it back due to it being poor damage, but Pinkie insists that Twilight reads it, the two end up fighting over the book, before eventually ripping the book in half and sending the pages everywhere. She and Pinkie manage to collect all the pages of the book, except for a couple of pages containing recipes for candy which was stolen by Sweetie Belle.

Resurrecting the Candy Mare[]

On the day before Nightmare Night, she visits Pinkie at Sugarcube Corner and apologizes about fighting over the book. She explains that, having read it, was shocked by all the grim and graphic stories in the book and states that she wants make sure Nightmare Night is kept safe this year in case any of them might be true. Twilight then asks about where the Cutie Mark Crusaders are and Pinkie explains that Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are making candy and asks if she wants to help, to which Twilight reluctantly agrees.

When Twilight sees she sees the recipes and instantly recognizes them as missing pages from the book. Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle finally fess up and tell her what they're doing and admit they shouldn't have done it. Twilight was about to say more, only for Pinkie to intervene and tell everyone they need to gather all the candy and dump it by the Nightmare Moon’s statue in the Everfree forestvhn. Twilight was at first confused, then Pinkie tells her to check the title of the pages of the book. Twilight reads them and realizes the recipies are from the story of "The Candy Mare" and were made by an evil candy maker, realizing the candy made was prohibited she immediatly helps Pinkie gather up the rest of the candy. Scootaloo then asks Twilight who the Candy Mare is and Twilight thens tells her the story of the Candy Mare from the book, explaining why they needed to get rid of the candy.

She and Pinkie make it to the statue in the forest and leave the candy to be purified by the residual magic that surrounds the statue. After Twilight leaves her bag, she takes note that for a second it looked like something was moving inside it, but passed it off as nothing. The two then leave the forest, just as storm was brewing up.

On Nightmare Night, after putting on her Nightmare Night constume, consisting of a mad scientist, a commotion is heard down stairs where she runs into Pinkie (dressed as a dog), who was fighting with Spike over the candy bowl. Twilight then asks what Pinkie is doing and she explains she trying to stay in character with her costume.

Afterwards, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo came to the library and told them both about, Seeing Apple Bloom's decpitated head being controlled like a puppet. Pinkie then asks Twilight why putting it near the statue didn't purify it. Twlight then explains that she isn't actually skilled in rituals or super stitions. Pinkie then asks Twilight why she even helped her dump the candy by the statue, to which Twilight explains that she only helped, because it would make her feel better and so she could confiscate the candy. Twilight then decides they need to tell someone of authority, so the four head out to go tell Mayor Mare about what Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle saw.

The group find Mayor Mare at a dance party in town square, where Twilight tries to explain what's going on calmly, only for Pinkie to blurt it out in front of everyone. Everyone just laughs and believes it's part of a prank. Just then Candy Mare appears and starts attacking and killing ponies, Twilight shouts for her to stop, while lightning up her horn. The Candy Mare does stop, when she notices Twilight's a unicorn, she then tells Twilight about how she use to be fascinated with unicorns, saying she always wanted to be like them and now she was, before lunging herself at Twilight to kill her. Twilight manages to bring up her magic shield to protect her and in the process ends up slicing off one of Candy Mare's front claws.

Twilight then noticed Candy Mare tring to flee, so she called the help of other unicorns nearby to help her destroy her. Twilight and the other unicorns started blasting and apart the Candy Mare's body with their magic, tearing her apart until only he skull remained. The Candy Mare then launched her skull at Twilight, only for Pinkie Pie to intervene and smash her skull. Pinkie then states that it's not over as she points out the Candy Mare's remain coming back together. Pinkie then states their is only one way to get rid of her as she starts devoring on the Candy Mare's skull, explaing the only way to get rid of her is to eat her remains. Twilight was revolved as the others also started eating, but then realized they had to do it to permanetly end her as she reluctantly started eating herself.

Death and Transformation[]

After they were done, the four of them headed back to Twilight's house. After putting Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle to bed in her room, she then returns downstairs to find Pinkie sitting quietly.

Pinkie then asks Twilight how are the Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle holding up, before following it with asking how she was holding. Twilight responds that she put the two to bed, but as for her she states she doesn't know and explains that she wants to be strong, despite what they witnessed tonight.

Pinkie then pulls Twilight into a deep hug, to which Twilight then asks Pinkie how can she be so strong, in being able to eat the Candy Mare's remains. Pinkie reply stating that Twilight is the strong one, how she was able to stand up against Candy Mare she attack. Pinkie then states she should probably head back to Sugarcube Corner and asks Twilight if she's going to be alright.

Twilight nods, but as she was leading Pinkie to the door fear started growing inside her. She was about to tell Pinkie she wouldn't be alright, when Spike opened the door covered in blood and missing pieces of his flesh. He states somethings wrong with Rarity before collapsing dead, after that a smiling jack-o-lantern appeared outside, despite Twilight never lighting any. Soon Rarity appears in the door covered in blood and appearently chewing on Spike's flesh. Twilight shouts at Rarity, which grabs her attention to come inside, as she did her skin starts to burn from the light from the library, producing a smell that reminded Twilight of a campfire. Twilight realized that Rarity's body was made of marshmallow, as she slunk back into outside into the shadows.

Suddenly the lights in the library shut off, as a mysterious wind appears in the room. Twilight then turns to Pinkie and asks what's happening, Pinkie explains that doesn't then states she doesn't feel good. Suddenly Pinkie fell over in pain and puked out her organs, before popping opening a revealing a new form of Pinkie that appeared to made of bubble gum with cotton candy hair. The remains of the Candy Mare also came out of Pinkie's remains, as they started reforming to create a skull, that rolled over to face Twilight before squealing "TRICK! TRICK! TRICK!" over and over again, as voices started whispering the Nightmare Night chant.

Twilight then turned and ran upstairs to get Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle, just as Rarity made her way inside. When Twilight got to her room, the first thing she saw were two lit jack-o-lanterns, Twilight then realizes that both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle have also transformed this time into a single gelatinous monster. Just as the other monsters made their way to her room, Twilight started hearing a loud knock at her door downstair. She was about scream for knocker to run feeling pain inside her, her skin and body started stretching as if something was alive inside. Twilight quickly realized she was turning and decides to allow the monsters to eat her to avoid becoming like them. She falls on the floor writhing, with blood leaking from her oifices as the monsters surrounded her, as she was being eaten she quickly noticed another jack-o-latern had appeared this time with her face on it. Twilight quickly realized the light inside the jack-o-lantern was not from a candle but rather the light of her own life that was being taken. She finally transformed into a being of marble candy with solid blackcurrant candies for eyes.

She then proceeds to join the Candy Mare's army, as they invade Canterlot and kidnap Princess Luna.